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“Shourove's dream ” IDEA Onlus

Sogno di Shourove

Shourove is our project coordinator for NGO Banchte Shekha. When he was 15 years old he lost both legs after a train accident. Life in Bangladesh for a man living on a wheelchair is more difficult that in other most development countries. Walk again is Shourove's dream and we'd like to realize it. The INAIL center of Vigorso di Budrio (BO) can help Shourove. Within the end of December we have to find the amount of 20.000 euros for Shourove's new legs. With your help we are sure to be able to give to Shourove the chance to walk again.

Read Shourove's life diary   Project closed (details)

“Prerona Project ” BANCHTE SHEKA ONG

It is a sanitary, self motivational and construction project
- To involve participation in the planning, implementation and maintenance of activities envisaged and to raise income levels and expand employment opportunities to the community members.
- To provide treatment facilities to needy patients particularly to destitute women, children and disabled, to supply medicine and admit them in the hospital for their treatment.
- To make the people conscious through basic literacy, hygiene, nutritional and environmental education.
- To support for low cost housing for shelter, smokeless ovens, sanitary latrine etc.
In Joghati there are 50 houses:
- 10 houses have to been built for families that have no house at moment
- 10 houses need to be restructured
- 10 houses need mainteinance

“Education for all” BANCHTE SHEKA ONG
see project follow up

This is a project for student sponsorship developed in collaboration with the NGO Banchte Shekha. The sponsorship by foreign donors gives the opportunity to children from the most disadvantaged families:

- to attend school,
- to receive books and the complete school equipment,
- to have a sanitary check-up and
- to receive one meal every day.

With few euro per year, you can make the gift of a new future to one child.

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“Small projects for big changes”
SAMS – Sunderban Adibashi Munda Songstha

From several years Father Luigi Paggi is working together with Munda communities (an ethnic minority group) helping them to improve their living conditions and to defend their human and social rights. These communities are striving to achieve an improvement of their economical conditions, to obtain education for their children, to recover their cultural and social identity and to have their social right recognized and to have the possibility to access basic resources to survive.

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Are you interested to know further details and/or to contribute to any of our projects? Write an e-mail to or you may directly call us at the numbers you can find at the page CONTACT US of this website.